on all orders over $50.00


I ship all US orders via Priority Mail through the post office.  Once shipped, delivery should occur within 2-3 days.  International orders will ship via First Class mail and delivery time will vary depending on your location.  If you are placing an order for delivery outside the US, and the First Class shipping option does not appear when you try to check out, please email me.  If First Class shipping is available for your international order, I will then send you a quote for the correct shipping price.


I pride myself on making quality products, but I'm only human and sometimes something can go wrong.  If you receive your order and it does not match what you ordered, please email me to discuss your concerns.

For tire bag orders, please verify that the tire size indicated on the invoice sent along with your order matches the size of your actual tire.  This is the most common problem I have encountered... Someone orders a bag while still waiting for their tire to arrive and once the tire arrives, it turns out the tire size is different than the bag size that had been ordered.