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A Little Bag Lady History...

The Bag Lady got started back in early 2004, when after not really doing any machine sewing since junior high school, I decided to make a bag to hold the compact spare tire for my 2003 MINI Cooper S.  Feeling pretty happy with how the bag turned out, I posted a picture of it on, then known as  The response was amazing and quite surprising.  I set up a very basic website to start accepting orders.  Most of the bag options you see on the site now are the result of requests from previous customers.  Their orders turned out so nicely that I decided to add their requests as options.

The full-size bags, travel bags, cargo liners, and rear seat lifting straps quickly followed, again from my need/desire to outfit my own MINI.  They quickly became customer favorites as well.

MINI owners were pretty much my exclusive customers for several years.  However, with the launch of the Smart car in North Amercia, Smart owners have now become my second largest group of customers.

As more new cars are sold with only run-flat tires, and no spare, owners of additional marques have begun to visit the site.  Those opting to get rid of their run-flats, who want the added security of a spare tire, have been ordering from the site with increasing frequency.  Welcome to you all.

In an effort to expand my ability to do lettering on bag orders, I added a Pfaff embroidery machine in 2008.  This opened up a new range of offerings... custom embroidered clothing, along with the ability to embroider more elaborate designs on my bags too.